Best Cities to study in Australia

Part-time Job Opportunities in Australia for International Students

Australia is the third most preferred study abroad destination by international students across the globe. The land of Kangaroos offers students world-class learning exposure, research opportunities, and jobs. A significant portion of studying abroad can be easily managed by managing one's finance and finding part-time to support oneself. There are several part-time job in Australia for International students. There are many Scholarships in Australia for Indian students.

The Australian student visa supports international students working in Australia to manage their living expenses. Students can work up to 40 hours in a fortnight during semesters and unlimited time during semester breaks. There are excellent part-time jobs in Australia that are skilled as well as unskilled. The typical wage for each occupation varies depending on the job's location, demand, and type. In Australia, the minimum wage is roughly 20 AUD. Below are further details on the many kinds of part-time occupations, the minimum salary, eligibility, etc.