Best Cities to study in Australia

A Comprehensive Guide to Post-Study Work and Permanent Residency for International Students in Australia

The Land Down Under is a great place to live after you complete your higher education. Deemed to have been one of the safest places to live in, Australia also has a reasonably tolerable climate and working conditions. On average, employees are required to work for 36 hours per week, from Monday to Friday. Depending on your skills and promotions, you can expect to earn AUD 67,602 per year to AUD 87,985 per year, depending on your abilities and upgrades. There are excellent superannuation policies in place to protect your financial plans after retirement.

The United Nations has bestowed upon Australia high life quality, making it the second-best country to live in. Some of the fields with the best-paying jobs in Australia are Information Technology, Wildlife Professional, Surgeon, Medical Professional, Engineering, Data Scientist, Biologist, etc. You can have multiple stay back options in Australia. Now that you are hatching a plan for post-study work and permanent residency in Australia check out the following details to learn more.