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2nd Dec 2022
Afia Azmi

Top Cities to Study in the UK for International Students

Where we live influences how we live our lives to a great extent, a safe, happy and comfortable city will be like a second home. The UK is home to some of the most amiable and ambient towns in the world. The best cities in the UK have some of the most celebrated tourists’ spots and attract millions of people all through the year While study in uk you can visit to many tourist destination over there

Study in UK is not that expensive international student life is full of expense, and a city that’s welcoming with enough jobs and less expensive is the best suited for studying in the UK. There are mainly six factors that determine the quality of international student life: university rankings, student mix, desirability, employer activity, affordability, and student view. Based on the student review and considering a few factors, the best cities to live and study in UK are found to be the ones listed below.


London is an all-time student hub. It is one of the best cities to live in in the UK. Some of the top-ranked universities in the world also hail from London. The geographic location, the busy city life, the mix of people and various employment options are the few reasons London stands out to be the best of all time. The city is located in the heart of the UK and the largest city by area.

Though the living expense in central London can be expensive, the safety and comfort it carries along are second to none. Student accommodations are expensive in London, compared to the other parts of the UK. Also, the minimum wage in many parts of London is high enough to meet the living expenses. London is one of the top-rated cities, with quality education and reputed campuses, making it one of the best cities in the UK for Indian students. Some of the famous universities that are located in the city of London are:


Edinburgh ranks second in the list of the best cities to live in the UK. The Scottish capital is home to many international students across the globe. The second-largest city in the UK has some of the world’s best buildings and universities. The cultural variation, the cool weather, nature, ease of travel and the historical view are a few reasons why Edinburgh is best suited for studying in the UK.

Students find well-paying part-time opportunities in the city. Generally, student accommodations closer to academic institutions are much more expensive. Edinburgh is one of the best cities for Indian students as it accepts cultural variety, is less costly and safe. Some of the top-ranked institutions that are located in and around the city of Edinburgh are:


Manchester is the dream world of every football fan on earth. The city of Manchester is also one of the best cities to live in the UK. Many international students specifically choose to study in the city of Manchester because of the city’s amiable nature. The city life is closely similar to that of London but is less expensive and smaller. The city has a diverse culture and is home to many international students studying in the UK.

A list of world-class universities with excellent facilities is situated in the city of Manchester. The town of Manchester carries a long musical culture and is one of the happiest cities in the world. Budget-friendly accommodation and flexible jobs are another reason why students flew to Manchester.

Some of the top universities in the city are -


Glasgow is home to many research-oriented, best ranked and prestigious collections of universities. The city is among the top 5 best cities to live in the UK. The city also has some historical monuments and buildings. The vibrant student life, nature, affordable lifestyle and the Scottish ballet are a few reasons why the city of Glasgow stands out from the rest of the crowd.

Though students may find it challenging to find a part-time job immediately, Glasgow is affordable and friendly to international students. The top institutions take much care to offer some generous scholarships, making Glasgow one of the best cities in the UK for Indian students.

Some of the top-ranked institutions located in the city of Glasgow is -


Nottingham is one of the cities that topped the student view indicator among the six hands. International and domestic students find the city of Nottingham one of the all-time best study centres in the UK. The cultural freedom, an array of clubs, nightlife, and world-class facilities are why Nottingham is unlike other cities. The employer activity rate among the international students was also good for Nottingham.

The transportation system in the town is another feature to count it as one of best cities to live in the UK. The overall living expense, including the student accommodations, is less expensive, making it a choice of many aspiring Indian students.

Some of the top institutions from Nottingham are -


The most exemplary architecture in the world is the base of the city of Newcastle. Located in the North East of England, the town of Newcastle is a culturally diverse and busy spot in the UK.

The top quality of life, entertainment and low cost of living are a few factors that made the international students fall in love with the city of Newcastle. The minimum wages are acceptable, and student life is affordable, accounting for the best city in the UK for international students.

Some of the globally ranked universities in Newcastle are -


The city of Coventry is one of the most famous study destinations among international students. The high student mix parameter ranked Coventry among the top 3 best cities in the UK.

Coventry’s international student life is diverse, and the city is a heaven of art. The living expense is much more affordable for students, and there are ample job opportunities. International student life is less stressful, and Coventry is one of the top choices among Indian students.

The top-ranked universities hailing from Coventry are -

The UK has expensive as well as less expensive city choices for international students. Apart from the cities mentioned above, Birmingham, Aberdeen, Bristol etc., are also the most acceptable cities for studying in the UK. Further, most of the institutions in the major cities of the UK are globally reputed. Hence, students can reduce their educational expenses or earn enough through various part-time jobs to help with their funding. Many ambitious Indian students join these top universities in happy cities every year. Global exposure, culture and diversity are experienced at their best in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.) Which part of the UK is best for students?

The best for each student varies according to personal preference. London is the better choice if the student is looking for top-ranked institutions and high quality of living. The provinces of Newcastle, Glasgow etc. are more budget-friendly

2.) Which city in the UK has more Indians?

London has more Indians within the UK, followed by Leicester, Birmingham, and Wolverhampton.

3.) Is the UK expensive for Indians?

The UK is less expensive compared to the USA, Canada or Australia for masters’ programs. Students can control their living expenses by choosing budget-friendly cities as well.

4.) Which city in the UK has more job opportunities for Indian Students?

The capital city, London, has the most job opportunities for international students in general.

5.)Which is the cheapest city in the UK for international students?

Lincoln, Cardiff, Leicester are a few among the cheapest city for international students.

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