Top Engineering Universities Abroad
5th Nov 2023
Manisha Sharma

Top Engineering Universities Abroad for Indian Students: 2024 Guide

Discover the world's best engineering universities for Indian students looking to study abroad. Explore institutions like MIT, Stanford, Cambridge, and more, with insights on rankings, alumni, and unique offerings.

Studying engineering abroad can unlock global opportunities for students. With the rise in popularity of STEM courses, students now have a vast array of job prospects on a global scale. If you're thinking about pursuing engineering, then it's vital to choose the right university to make your investment count. Through this article, we'll explore some of the best engineering universities and/or colleges for Indian students to study abroad.

Best Institutes to Study Abroad Engineering

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), U.S.

MIT is a beacon in the world of higher education. Situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S., it's been at the forefront of engineering and technology since 1861.

As per the QS World University Rankings, it proudly stands as the top engineering university in the world. The 166-acre campus houses esteemed research centres like the Bates Center, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and the Haystack Observatory. With affiliations to 98 Nobel Laureates, 26 Turing Award winners, and numerous influential company founders like those of Texas Instruments and Intel, MIT remains a top choice for students eager to study abroad.

2. Stanford University, U.S.

Leland Stanford Junior University, commonly known as Stanford, stands as another pillar in the realm of global education. Founded in 1885, it ranks second in engineering according to the QS World University Rankings.

This university not only shines in academics but also sports, with affiliations to 296 Olympic medalists. Stanford's commitment to nurturing entrepreneurs is evident in its prowess to attract startup funds.

Notable alumni include:

  • Ellen Ochoa (astronaut)
  • Sally Ride (the first US woman in space)
  • Blake Ross (Mozilla Firefox developer)

3. University of Cambridge, U.K.

As one of the oldest educational institutions, the University of Cambridge offers a unique collegiate system. The university's facilities dot the city rather than being confined to a central campus. With affiliations to 121 Nobel Laureates and numerous pioneering alumni like Alan Turing and Charles Babbage, Cambridge remains a top institution for those who want to study abroad.

4. Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S.

Georgia Tech, established in 1885, is renowned for its focus on computer engineering. As per the QS World University Rankings, it holds the 12th spot on the list of the top engineering colleges in the world. Students from all over the world join its diverse community every year to achieve academic excellence in the fields of architecture, electrical, and computer engineering.

In addition to being a public research university, Georgia Tech is a group of six colleges that have 31 departments pertaining to business, engineering, and computer science.

5. Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore

Founded in 1991, NTU ranks fifth in the engineering category according to the QS World University Rankings. This national research university offers comprehensive programmes through its various colleges and schools.

With research centres like the Earth Observatory of Singapore, it's an excellent destination for those eyeing the best engineering universities.

6. University of Oxford, U.K.

If you're thinking of studying abroad, then the University of Oxford in the U.K. undoubtedly stands out. Founded in 1096, it's the oldest university in the English-speaking world and takes pride in being the world's second oldest continuously operating university. It holds an impressive sixth rank in the engineering category, as per the QS World University Rankings. Instead of a main campus, Oxford's remarkable facilities are spread across the city, comprising 39 colleges, six halls, and various academic departments.

Amongst its alumni are 72 Nobel Prize winners, 6 Turing Awardees, and figures like Bill Clinton and Stephen Hawking. For those eyeing the best engineering universities, Oxford remains a top choice, often recommended by study abroad consultants.

7. The University of California, Berkeley, U.S.

The University of California, Berkeley, is a prominent name. Established in 1868, it's renowned not just as a top research university but also as California's first land-grant institution.

It's amongst the best engineering universities in the USA. Hosting 14 colleges and schools, over 45,057 students get a world-class education here.

8. Imperial College London, U.K.

Imperial College London, with its focus on science, technology, and medicine, is another top choice for those wishing to study abroad. Established in 1907, it holds the eighth spot in engineering as per the 2021 QS World University Rankings. With the main campus in South Kensington and an innovation hub in White City, it's home to over 27,000 students.

9. National University of Singapore, Singapore

For those considering Asia, the National University of Singapore (NUS) is a flagship institution. Founded in 1905, it's amongst Asia Pacific's most revered academic institutions. The QS World University Rankings honours it with the ninth spot in engineering.

With a student body of over 35,908, its alumni include names like R Nathan, the sixth President of Singapore, and Olivia Lum, the CEO of Hyflux Group. As study abroad consultants would affirm, it's a prime destination for engineering enthusiasts.

10. California Institute of Technology, U.S.

Caltech, short for the California Institute of Technology, is a famous hub for science and engineering research and education. It's nestled in Pasadena, California.

At Caltech, you'll find various cutting-edge research facilities like:

  • The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (which NASA owns)
  • The Caltech Seismological Laboratory
  • The International Observatory Network

It stands out in the United States as one of the few institutes solely dedicated to teaching technical and applied sciences. It has a highly competitive admissions process that ensures that only the most exceptional students make the cut.

Summing it Up

While these institutions represent the pinnacle of engineering education, aspiring students should consider reaching out to study abroad consultants like Azent for personalised guidance tailored to their ambitions. The counsellors at Azent provide invaluable insights, helping students navigate their journey to these esteemed foreign institutions for engineering studies.

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